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HoS: Freddie deBoer

HoS: Freddie deBoer

Freddie talking pods, NBA pre-agency, Bill Simmons and too many people following dreams

I enjoy Freddie’s perspective, so when he reached out about appearing on this podcast to talk about, well, podcasting, I was delighted to take him up on it. The end result was a pod about podding, but also so much more regarding the modern content game. Turns out Freddie had some NBA culture angles too.

The following outline comes courtesy of the astute Sam Schuette:

  1. What makes an interesting podcast?

    1. Why people with massive followings like Steph Curry and Obama aren’t popular podcasters

  2.  The media’s role in creating storylines for players

    1. What the NBA bubble lacked

  3. The post LeBron “Decision”overcorrection of the media covering player mobility

    1. How the media went from ridiculing a free agency decision to being content with mid-contract trade requests

  4. What’s the NBA’s appeal to a fan of a small market team?

    1. Smaller teams struggle to contend when their stars request trades

  5. Bill Simmons

    1. What’s his secret to podcast success?

    2. What’s the Ringer’s method of creating successful podcasts

  6. Variance and ephemerality in podcasting

  7. The barrier to creating content is lower than ever

    1. So many people have the resources to make content, regardless of their skill

    2. Has it gone too far?

  8. Creative jobs vs “boring” jobs

    1. How long should you follow your dreams?

    2. The 45-year old screenwriter who can’t sell a script vs the office drone

  9. Max Read and Matt Ygelisias’s blogging success 

    1. Is success a product of being in the right place at the right time or sticking it out?

  10. The disintegration of the ladder up the ranks

    1. Can an aspiring sports writer still work their way up to ESPN or The Athletic?

  11. DeBoer’s Pixar post

    1. The convergence of adulthood and childhood

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