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Spike Eskin, Podbudsman, Tough Love Dispenser

Spike Eskin, Podbudsman, Tough Love Dispenser

Spike on why I am "being a little baby," Deion Sanders, Adam Silver's both sidesing

I needed a talking to by the HoS Podbudsman, otherwise known as Spike Eskin of Rights to Ricky Sanchez and WFAN fame. Boy, did I get one in an appearance where Spike explains how I’m being a whiner and what I must do to fix it. Despite whatever emotional injury I withstood, I always value Spike’s advice because he’s an astute radio/pod professional and well intentioned friend.

Podcast discussions include but aren’t limited to the following topics…

  • The aftermath of Aaron Rodgers’ disaster on the New York talk radio scene

  • What it sounded like when a host was dangerously optimistic about the Jets

  • Why Spike thinks I’m being a “whiny baby” about Elon Musk suppressing links on X

  • What I must do stop being a whiner and thrive

  • Is Spike jealous that I got to (briefly) meet the ladies of Red Scare?

  • A beef that Spike has with a commentator of mine about politics

  • Deion Sanders’ popular college football ascent and its search for opposing forces

  • Adam Silver both sidesing players not honoring their contracts

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