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HoS: Wosny Lambre

HoS: Wosny Lambre

Guns, America, Jon Stewart's return, Biden, Tucker Carlson in Russia

This one is a lot of politics/culture, so pure sports lovers be forewarned. We also had to paywall it for standard Wos reasons.

Personally, I believed this to be a very fruitful conversation with HoS favorite Big Wos. We agreed, disagreed, and eventually got to common ground on what the House of Strauss foreign policy should be. Topics include but aren’t limited to…

  • What’s wrong with ESPN’s coverage of the tragic shooting in Kansas City?

  • What specific gun law do journalists reacting to these incidents want?

  • Jon Stewart’s Daily Show return

  • Stewart’s comments about Biden’s decline and reaction in media

  • Does Biden at the top mean the status quo is strong right now or weak? Wos says “strong,” I say “weak.”

  • Tucker Carlson’s post-Fox decline in influence

  • Tucker in Russia

  • Wos wasn’t aware of the “Fidel is Trudeau’s dad” conspiracy theory

  • Is that conspiracy more or less believable than Frank Sinatra as Ronan Farrow’s father?

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