Mar 20 • 10M

HoS: Tom Haberstroh Divulges NBA Ref Secrets

Ever analytical Tom knows which refs the NBA values most and he can prove it


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My old friend Tom Haberstroh stops by to break an NBA omerta or two. We get into his viral thread on how he ranked NBA referees and get deeper into one of the more protected subjects in sports. Podcast discussion includes, but is not limited to:

  • I saved my dog’s life, right before we started recording

  • Clearly I’m a hero

  • How did Tom figure out which referees the NBA favors most?

  • The NBA says they want half the refs to be female, but doesn’t appear to trust anyone in this cohort with big games

  • What’s up with players going after the refs in public?

  • Why did the refs submit a cringe apology to LeBron?

  • A lot more is known about the the Tim Donaghy scandal than is typically discussed

  • How Donaghy fixed games and how he helped the NBA by being an unreliable narrator

  • The scale of all the money that was chasing Donaghy’s picks around the world

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