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HoS: Spike Eskin

HoS: Spike Eskin

Did this man dare take a shot at The Bear?

Beyond being a noted animal lover, Spike Eskin is one of our favorite guests. As co-host of the successful Rights to Ricky Sanchez podcast and Vice President of Programming at storied WFAN, he’s always got great insights on the world of sports content. This podcast was no exception and I found myself having too good a time to end it on schedule. Topics include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Politics in sports and audience expectations

  • What Spike learned from a brief time in con radio world

  • Following Nate Silver’s theories on why many predictions are wrong

  • Is Harden constantly requesting trades really player empowerment?

  • Jeff Teague and the power of honesty in player podcasts

  • The decline of consensus opinions on TV shows

  • Spike has issues with The Bear

  • Did it matter if Mad Men wasn’t a completely accurate portrayal of the past?

  • Every TV show has its version of Dorne in Game of Thrones

  • How liking Oppenheimer can get you accused of being a communist

  • AI Music Covers

  • Things you would say with friends at a barbecue that would start a Twitter war

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