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HoS: Ryan Glasspiegel, ESPN/FOX/WBD alliance

HoS: Ryan Glasspiegel, ESPN/FOX/WBD alliance

Emergency Pod on a major media mashup + Super Bowl Props

Ryan Glasspiegel, our nation’s preeminent sports media critic, is back, and trying to explain this “ESPN, Fox and Warner Team Up to Create Sports Streaming Platform” story. We’ve both got some questions, but the main one is this: What type of person is going to pay for this service?

In the second half of the pod, we’re talking…

  • Super Bowl prop bets, including a sneaky long shot from radio legend Larry Krueger

  • Why capital J journalists perceive a politicization of the Big Game

  • What’s with this insane Taylor Swift + Chiefs + Biden conspiracy theory? And will I convince myself of it if Nick Bosa is held absent any calls?

  • Will Steven Ruiz of the Ringer really quit his job if the Niners win?

  • Glasspiegel presents an impressively hot take on Brock Purdy’s ranking among quarterbacks.

  • My take on Tom Brady replacing Greg Olsen in the Fox NFL booth

  • What are the Top 5 public teams in the NFL? Steelers falling down the list?

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