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House of Strauss
Hos Pod: Wosny Lambre, Nate Jones
Hos Pod: Wosny Lambre, Nate Jones
Sports gambling, Phil Jackson, player activism, Draymond Green

The sports/econ/culture/whatever combo returns to HoS and boy do we have a good one for you. The launching pad topic is the NFL’s latest sports gambling scandal, but this podcast goes in a lot of NBA directions. This conversation with Wos and Nate touches on, but is not limited to…

  • Somehow we start on the past inaccessibility of porn

  • Young Nate Jones was a vice salesman

  • Is sports going all in on gambling bad for sports?

  • Can sports gambling make sports more popular?

  • Can players be tempted to throw games?

  • Phil Jackson had some comments about the NBA bubble

  • Is it unfair that people punish the NBA for political hypocrisy?

  • What’s up with the Blazers having so much admiration for Draymond Green?

  • Is Draymond the greatest defensive player, post Bill Russell?

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