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HoS Pod: Wosny Lambre

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HoS Pod: Wosny Lambre

Round 2, with more unvarnished takes

Last time I had Wos of The Ringer fame on, we inspired both loud applause and also some backlash. I’ve hesitated to reach out for another appearance, mostly because I’ve feared tempting him into the kind of candor that might blow up his burgeoning media career. Given such fears, I just decided to paywall this podcast, minimizing the blast radius for a discussion that touches on:

  • Wos’ Obama critique

  • Draymond Green’s quixotic podcasting while playing mission

  • Whether Brian Windhorst was right back in the day about how kids shouldn’t be at playoff press conferences

  • Representationism as Trickle Down Economics for Liberals

  • Chesa Boudin getting the boot in San Francisco

  • Why the New York Times and other publications are needlessly hiding aspects of the DeShaun Watson situation


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