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HoS Pod: Sam Esfandiari

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HoS Pod: Sam Esfandiari

The Warriors and how to build a successful independent business off the Warriors

Sam Esfandiari is co-host of the Light Years podcast, a burgeoning hit with rowdy Dubs fans. As Sam baked in 95 degree heat, we discuss:

  • GSW’s surprise run to a 4th title in this era

  • Why the Light Years podcast succeeded

  • Andy Liu’s maniacal populist magic

  • How Liu talks like the Group Chat

  • Why I think Tim Kawakami deserves more credit than he gets

  • Why the SF Chronicle fumbled the Warriors era

  • What Kevin Durant wants The Conversation to be

  • NBA Top 10 rankings, in which Steph Curry now fits (Sam and I proceeded to go full sports normie and earnestly discuss these rankings for some time)

  • Is ranking Kareem high a hipster move?


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