May 12 • 3M

HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel Returns!

The top sports media critic is back, talking Araiza, MJax vs. Jokic and more


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Ethan Strauss
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Great to have the New Y Post’s Ryan Glasspiegel on because there’s so much sports media to discuss. And we get into it, from the uncomfortably seedy (Media’s treatment of the accused), to the hilariously bumbling (Mark Jackson treatment of Jokic). This conversation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Matt Araiza media coverage (why did almost everyone get the story so wrong?)

  • Mark Jackson and his MVP snub of Nikola Jokic. Accidental? Forgiveness time?

  • Kevin Durant’s legacy. Should I have opened my mouth about it on Cowherd?

  • The non apology apology form Pat McAfee to Brett Favre

  • Will Tucker Carlson on Twitter work? Or is Twitter just not TV?

  • Why Bud Light got hurt by a conservative boycott but Nike is impervious to red backlash

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