Nov 17, 2021 • 54M

HoS Pod: Matt Taibbi

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Ethan Strauss
A podcast about sports, politics, the future and technology.
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Hey audience. Substack superstar Matt Taibbi stopped by HoS to share his no bullshit perspective on, among other topics:

  • The journalism industry

  • His critics

  • Whether sports are a net positive in life

  • His hypothetical existence as a Celtics beat writer

I’m paywalling this episode sort of as a test run. Over the last few months I’ve been running the podcast for free and need to actually compensate my ever capable producer. Hypothetical pod plan going forward would be to fall into a “free pod, paid pod,” rhythm, with some wiggle room depending on circumstance. Also there could be more audio plans afoot in the near future. Stay tuned.