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HoS Pod: Light Years Boys
HoS Pod: Light Years Boys
Andy Liu and Saam Esfandiari talk Draymond, Bay sports media, LeBron, Barry Bonds
Just look at these genial gents

We’re not quite done with Warriors’ Punchgate, and I’ll seize on any reason to speak with independent GSW-centric podcasters Andy Liu and Saam Esfandiari. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Draymond and The Punch

  • Is the Bay Area media soft? Compared to what?

  • Toy Story is like Draymond/Poole

  • Why it was tough for a media startup to get a foothold in LA

  • My own conflicts of interest and how they intersect with a Klutch story

  • Andy talks about “Podmond” Green

  • Saam’s take: Was Barry Bonds a bigger star in his day than Steph Curry in his day?

  • Andy hates weed, is the anti-KD

  • Did the league back LeBron over Steph? How’d it go?

  • Can the NBA make new household names or are those days gone?

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