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HoS Pod: Katie Herzog
HoS Pod: Katie Herzog
Co-host of the great and evolving BAR podcast

HoS pod is quite happy to welcome Blocked and Reported co-host Katie Herzog. I’m a big BAR fan and believe it to be somewhat misunderstood, especially at this juncture. We get into how the podcast has evolved into a more journalistic and narrative driven product, plus touch on the ways an Old Public Radio golden age fell apart.

This discussion touches on, but is not limited to:

  • Katie allegedly knows nothing about sports but somehow knows the relevant details of Meyers Leonard saying “kike” while gaming.

  • Shouldn’t the dumb jock defense help Leonard here?

  • White American NBA player politics

  • How Prestige 2000s Radio fell apart and why those carrying its torch are the people public radio hates

  • When you realize that the truth won’t set you free, what happens next?

  • Katie’s lost friends over what she’s written but I, oddly, don’t seem to have?

  • The challenge of sports with a lot of homophobia among players trying to advance Pride Nights

  • The Bon Appetit vs. Reply All Latinx Standoff Ouroboros

  • The Great Katie vs. Jesse debate about his leaving Twitter

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