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HoS Pod: Jesse Singal

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HoS Pod: Jesse Singal
Discussing his Drew Magary essay and the New York Times holding the line
A reasonable man

Superstar Substacker, podcast host and ultimate sincere online battler Jesse Singal is back on HoS. His fantastic essay on Drew Magary provided our talk’s impetus but we got into a range of other online media culture topics, of course. Also, I should note here, as I did on the pod, Jesse’s been on a hell of a content run of late. Blocked and Reported, the podcast he co-hosts with Katie Herzog, is consistently good, but it’s been especially compelling lately. So check it out.

In this pod, our conversation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drew Magary, who called New York Times writer Michael Powell a bootlicking shitbag for defending colleagues against an activist campaign.

  • Were the ex-Gawkerites using fake personas back in the day?

  • Is the New York Times holding the line on their coverage out of ethical concern? Or is it something else?

  • Why is Jesse so goddamned optimistic right now?

  • The JK Rowling Test

  • Jesse’s normie NBA takes

  • What’s up with these hyper political guilds at media companies?

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