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HoS Pod: Freddie deBoer's Richard Linklater List

HoS Pod: Freddie deBoer's Richard Linklater List

Returning pod champ Freddie discusses his Top 20 ranking of a favorite director

I’m on a big Richard Linklater kick right now, so Freddie’s Top 20 ranking of his movies came at the right time. Given the personal timing and Freddie’s excellent analysis, I just had to reach out and get some additional thoughts on the rankings, the director, and why his time-sensitive work endures. Yes, we also manage some modern media criticism in this episode. The conversation we have broaches, but is not limited to:

Freddie’s review of Tár

My dislike of HBO’s Inside the Episode features

Why Freddie doesn’t write pure Culture War

How the Boomers misled us on the finite nature of time

How people who miss aspects of the past get stigmatized as owning all of it

Malcolm Gladwell’s dirty trick against Matt Taibbi in the Munk debate

If Dazed and Confused is a perfect movie, then why isn’t it Number 1 on Freddie’s list?

The mystical nature of Matthew McConaughey’s charisma in Dazed and Confused

Why Freddie ranked his Before Sunrise trilogy the way he did

Did Boyhood work?

Was there anything deeper to School of Rock?

Freddie discusses his piece on how the creative underclass is still raging

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