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HoS Pod: Daman Rangoola

HoS Pod: Daman Rangoola

Content business secrets with Stratechery First Mate and Lakers Twitter psychotic

Daman has two public roles: Helping out Ben Thompson with Thompson’s world-beating tech newsletter, Stratechery, and troll-fully supporting the Lakers on Twitter. He’s a brilliant guy, with a mind trained for optimization, so I hit him up when I have business questions. This discussion is in that vein. In it, we discuss:

  • Why do tech bros love narrated articles?

  • How Daman trained his mind to listen to pods at super fast speeds

  • Why are journalists afraid to go subscription model?

  • Going for Likes vs. Going for Dollars

  • Who’s winning the streaming wars?

  • On whether the Binge Model was a mistake

  • How does the NBA create events within its regular season?

  • On if ESPN is too big (a monopoly on tv rights) to fail

  • The NFL bullying the NBA

  • Is Woj too big to fail?

  • LIV as player empowerment in golf

  • Could LIV happen in golf?

  • Daman vs. Kevin Durant on the concept of leadership

  • Did Deadspinism kill the concept of character in sports?

  • KD as man without a country

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