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HoS Pod: Anthony Slater
HoS Pod: Anthony Slater
Talking Warriors, Kings and the industry with an ultimate pro

Anthony Slater has always been great at this job, to the point of changing it for everyone else. The cinematic Warriors-Kings (Or should it be Kings-Warriors?) series is a perfect excuse to have an in the weeds conversation with The Athletic veteran and now new father. This podcast discusses but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Who else? Draymond Green

  • Slater should write a book about what’s happening

  • What was it like being 23 years old and covering the Oklahoma City Thunder?

  • Why does Slater appreciate that Russell Westbrook is an asshole to every media member?

  • Warriors GM Bob Myers has more than one foot out the door

  • Did Myers sort of screw the Bay Area media by complimenting their soft coverage of Andrew Wiggins’ absence?

  • The difficulty of discussing a players’ personal issues

  • Covering Thunder GM Sam Presti vs. Warriors GM Bob Myers

  • How Slater changed the industry for everyone and quite suddenly

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