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HoS Pod: Amin Elhassan

HoS Pod: Amin Elhassan

NBA “hipster revisionism” and more

The myth, the man, the Meadowlarker returns for more conversation and takes. This pod begins with my sincere compliment of a guy who’s become, in my opinion, essential to that LeBatard operation. So without further ado, this podcast includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • A former NBA player told Amin he loves his HoS appearances; This makes Amin suspicious of said player

  • I LARP’d as Keith Olbermann in 2012 because my bosses kept treating me better after tantrums

  • We theorize what happened with the Glen Kuiper n-bomb error

  • I display my sociopathic PR skills, reveal how I would have saved Aziz Ansari in 2018

  • How players get over or underrated over time (Did Kobe’s tragic demise influence the way he’s discussed?)

  • Some NBA hipsters say Scottie Pippen was a top 2/3/4 1990s player. We start a list of guys we’d take over the admittedly great Pip.

  • Shawn Marion as another “hipster revisionism” guy

  • Amin talks about the time Marion was force fed the star role he always begged for

  • Did Amin and Ethan cry on recent podcasts? Or merely pause?

  • Amin reads his childhood diary entries.

  • We love the Cam'ron and Mase sports talk show

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