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HoS Pod: Amin Elhassan

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HoS Pod: Amin Elhassan

Talking Suns, Sarver, Sale, NBA realpolitik
A return of the world’s most serious man

Returning champion Amin is back, talking about the NBA story of the moment, with only insights he can give. In this ep, we discuss:

  • Quick intro on Sarver sale news

  • Does Amin view his former boss, Robert Sarver, as an enemy?

  • Why Amin (and Ethan) find little to no fault with NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s ruling

  • Does Silver have a grander plan here?

  • Why it matters, tactically, that Sarver isn’t remorseful

  • Why are some former Suns guys with the Warriors not exactly crushing Sarver?

  • Is what’s happening with the Suns organic, or the result of a contrived coup?

  • Is House of the Dragon good?

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