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HoS: Nikolai Yakovenko

HoS: Nikolai Yakovenko

CEO of DeepNews, an AI-generated newspaper talks media, Michael Lewis

Nikolai Yakovenko is a man of many hats (pro poker, jiu-jitsu, computer engineering, archery, baseball analytics), but the main reason we’re talking to him is because he founded an AI-generated competing newspaper. Are machines set to take over for journalists? We get into this and so much more, including whether Michael Lewis deserves critcism. Topics include but aren’t limited to…

Explaining the AI newspaper (4:00)

  • What is DeepNews?

Can an AI Successfully Write my Last Article? (6:50)

  • Can a machine ape my idiosyncrasies?

  • Can the AI be a contrarian?

Nikolai: “I got into a bit of horse archery” (12:00)

  • Are Mongol skills having a moment??

Could an AI be like hit song maker Max Martin? (24:00)

  • Can machines succeed in art?

Can an AI Unlock Human Creativity? (37:00)

  • How the machine can help us find inspiration by taking over boring tasks?

Could DeepNews avoid the New York Times’ Gaza rocket mistake? (42:00)

  • If AI is aggregating off the Internet, how does it avoid its errors?

Does Michael Lewis deserve to be in hot water over his portrayal of Sam Bankman-Fried? (48:00)

  • What Michael Lewis might be focusing on that led him astray

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