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HoS: Nick Wright

HoS: Nick Wright

I discuss Brock Purdy and other subjects of argumentation with the FS1 host

First Things First is my favorite favorite sports show on TV and with the NFL season in full swing, FTF is as well. So, I figured this would be a good occasion to get more insights from co-host Nick Wright on why this is the rare sports TV show that works. We also debate that Brock Purdy guy he’s down on. Great pod all around, Nick was quite generous with his time and takes.

Timestamps provided by the astute Sam Schuette:

Nick’s clever Brock Purdy strategy (5:40)

  • Where does Purdy rank?

  • How Nick Wright learned the strategy from a local show debating gun control

  • Making the argument by partially agreeing with the opponent 

What makes First Things First successful (12:15)

  • Broussard being able to put up with Nick’s persona

  • Straddling the line between sports and non-sports for viewers who want both

How Nick Wright resembles the opposite of Warriors Monta Ellis (16:00)

  • The difference between watching snippets and highlights versus the whole show

Doing shows for the clicks or for the good of the show (21:00)

  • How Nick transitioned from one to the other

  • Nick’s viral MJ clip

  • Should you get your true opinion out when it’s not for the good of the show?

Production Genius of PTI and Inside the NBA (28:40)

  • The techniques PTI created that the rest of the industry now uses

  • How Inside the NBA succeeds as a personality-driven show

  • Production of Inside the NBA 

Eric Mangini Story (33:30)

  • How Nick’s advice to Mangini pissed Nick off 

  • The need for antagonists in sports talk show

  • Which things make Nick the most mad?

Quarterback Assessments (44:40)

  • How Justin Herbert resembles Karl-Anthony Towns

  • Which quarterbacks are improperly discussed? 

  • Josh Allen getting compared to Patrick Mahomes

Nick Defends Having Purdy as the 18th-best Quarterback (51:30)

  • How similar are Jimmy G and Purdy?

  • How much credit does Purdy’s supporting cast deserve for his success?

  • How much does size limit him in terms of injury and performance?

Why the Niners Might be Playing Too Hard (1:11:50)

  • Are the Niners’ injuries bad luck or reflective of who they are?

  • Randomness in sports

NBA Outlook (1:15:50)

  • Bucks or Celtics as the favorite in the East

  • Why Giannis gets misunderstood

  • How strong is the Nuggets’ hold over the West?

Why Doesn’t National Sports Talk do Baseball? (1:24:20)

  • Do MLB fans not want to hear about other baseball teams?

Nick’s Boxing Proposal (1:29:00)

  • Making boxing into a multi-billion dollar business inspired by UFC and figure skating

  • What’s currently killing the sport

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