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HoS: Nancy Rommelmann

HoS: Nancy Rommelmann

Talking WaPo vs. Portnoy, "hit piece" best practices

Nancy Rommelmann is one of my favorite journalists, so I looked to her on the question of whether there are any actual rules in journalism. She did not disappoint.

In this pod, we discussed Portland expert Nancy’s live reaction to the Damian Lillard trade, her take on WaPo vs. Portnoy, and that “Has the Sexual Revolution Failed” debate down in Los Angeles. Topics in this podcast include by aren’t limited to….

  • Aforementioned Lillard live reax

  • What Emily Heil did wrong when confronted by Dave Portnoy

  • How you handle the subject of a “hit piece”

  • How Nancy was denied comment when she was the subject of a hit piece

  • LA Times vs Bari Weiss’ Sexual Revolution Debate

  • Nancy’s take on the “Has the Sexual Revolution Failed?” question

  • Is the trans kids in sports topic a real subject? Or a boogeyman subject?

  • What’s wrong with certain cities right now? And what’s with the denial?

  • Why don’t Portland men want to have sex?

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