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HoS: Matt Welch

HoS: Matt Welch

A Reason-able man joins us

Matt Welch from the great Fifth Column podcast stops by to discuss his role in that 3 man monster, his history in the business, and issues of the day. Podcast topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Is Matt the Ernie Johnson of Fifth Column or its Paul McCartney?

  • Are you now, or have you ever been a libertarian???

  • Is Fifth Column libertarian? Or something else?

  • What was Matt doing in Hungry during the 1990s?

  • The post Berlin Wall era vs. the post 9/11 era

  • We talk about my article on the 9/11 era in sports vs. today’s team-endorsed messaging

  • Leagues and teams are externalizing their internal issues with workforce homophobia

  • Welch is, sadly, an Angels fan. How does he feel about these calls to trade Ohtani?

  • Is Ohtani really like if Patrick Mahomes was also Nick Bosa? Or is it different?

  • The A’s are sad (Was Moneyball as a business strategy missing the forest for the trees?)

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