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HoS: Marcus Thompson

HoS: Marcus Thompson

Voice of the Bay Area on Pat McAfee paying Aaron Rodgers, Braves locker room leak, Shedeur Sanders

I’ve been sick this week, but thankfully the great Marcus Thompson is here to help me discuss both local and national sports topics of interest. I really enjoyed this ep, even if it nearly killed me.

Timestamps provided by the astute Sam Schuette:

Pat McAfee and Aaron Rodgers (2:55)

  • McAfee paying Rodgers millions to be on podcast

  • Is it scandalous or friends being friends?

If you could pay a million dollars to have any player on the pod, who would it be? (6:50)

  • The prospects of George Kittle, Tom Brady, and more

  • How much would it take to get Kevin Durant?

Marcus’ old regular pod with Draymond (13:00)

Bryce Harper-Orlando Arcia Incident (17:10)

  • How it resembles the Warriors-Jazz situation from six years ago

  • Why were the Phillies so angry?

Does the MLB regular season even matter? (22:50)

  • The randomness of the MLB playoffs

  • Is it a good product if the underdog has the same chance to win as the heavy favorite?

Colorado’s glamor (28:20)

  • Why Colorado’s environment resembles an NBA Finals game more than a CFB game

  • Shedeur Sanders’ watch situation

The Taylor Swift and Beyonce Sports Theories (42:15)

  • At home, does Marcus see evidence of Taylor Swift brining in NFL fans?

  • Why Beyonce would have to leave Jay-Z for an athlete to match Taylor Swift’s hype

The Rise of Brock Purdy (47:15)

  • How Brock Purdy hate fuels Bay Area radio

  • How much of his success should be attributed to him versus his surroundings?

  • Why his look makes people underrate him

  • Which teammates praise him the most?

Seeing athletes in person versus on TV (1:10:10)

  • What watching in person reveals about players like Trent Williams

  • NBA players look thinner in person

Do the Warriors miss being the center of attention against the Niners? (1:12:15)

  • Relishing the opportunity as an underdog

  • Why a 49ers Super Bowl would dominate the Bay 

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