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HoS: Kevin O'Connor

HoS: Kevin O'Connor

KOC attempts to sell me on Celtics as East favorites, Jrue Holiday having playoff value and, of course, the Cybertruck's majesty

Now that the NBA’s offseason has wrapped up, we’ve enlisted Kevin O'Connor to make sense of the chaos. Really, it’s just a platform for KOC to take a victory lap over the hardball tactics he advocated for Portland in his last HoS appearance.

Given that KOC was correct in that assessment, I’m open to more convincing from him on other topics. So today’s podcast is themed, “Sell me on.”

In this podcast, we discuss…

Why KOC was right about how the Blazers should handle Dame’s trade demand (4:20)

How the Heat were singled out for spite, but still wouldn’t have had the best deal (7:20)

KOC sells me on Jrue Holiday as a playoff performer despite his recent issues (10:00)

KOC sells me on Celtics as favorites in the East (14:00)

KOC sells me on Kristaps Porzingis (16:09)

KOC sells me on Tyler Herro being a bad contract (22:00)

We discuss whether the popular derisive reaction to Miami’s media is fair (25:00)

KOC sells me on Tom Brady over Patrick Mahomes (30:00)

KOC sells me on the Cybertruck (35:00)

We talk about whether the new CBA has broken the NBA as we know it (42:20)

KOC sells me on The Sphere (53:00)

What’s it like to be podcast married to Chris Vernon? (1:00:25)

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