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HoS: Katie Herzog Returns

HoS: Katie Herzog Returns

Talking MLB teams handling Pride events, trans sports issue and more

We re-welcome Katie Herzog of Blocked and Reported, the hilarious podcast that explains Internet meltdowns while weaving them into a spellbinding narrative. I asked Katie on because a) She’s a great guest, but also b) BAR-worthy topics of controversy are knocking into the sports world.

Specifically, baseball’s awkward embrace of Pride celebrations and the broader societal conversation about trans in sports are both current hot topics. So we get into those and a lot more.

This podcast discussion includes but is not limited to…

  • We talk about my dumb controversy vs. the Cavinders

  • The trans sports issue is popping up a lot. Is it a Waterloo for one political side?

  • Are there influential people who really don’t know that males have a sports advantage?

  • Pride Nights in baseball and player resistance

  • “Acceptance isn’t enough”

  • The Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

  • Who’s offended by nipples at the White House?