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HoS: Kat Rosenfield

HoS: Kat Rosenfield

The Jonah Hill thing

And now for something completely different…

Kat Rosenfield is an author and writer who often boldly covers matters of cultural controversy. So what does this podcast have to do with sports? Not much, beyond the following: So many people I ran into at NBA Summer League couldn’t shut up about Jonah Hill. Given that Kat has covered the Hill situation on her podcast, I wanted her additional takes on the topic. First question: Why the hell is this private matter made public such a story?

Subjects on this podcast include but aren’t limited to…

  • Kat thought I might tie this to sports somehow

  • How this private drama got such public traction

  • Airing dirty laundry for the “win”

  • “Professional Surfer”?

  • Why are pro-therapy people anti “therapy talk”?

  • Rationalizing bullying as righteous

  • Can famous people really ever find love, post fame?

  • Looks as often unacknowledged social advantage (or disadvantage)