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HoS: Joe Pompliano

HoS: Joe Pompliano

Mr. Sports + Business Man stops by to talk gambling in sports, the NBA and more

Joe covers sports, business and often how the two intertwine. He’s been all over the sports + gambling topic, most recently with his viral observation on live sports betting integration getting added into NBA League Pass. Basically, Joe discusses all my favorite topics, so of course we had a great conversation. Topics include but aren’t limited to…

  • How America and Europe are on opposite timelines with sports betting

  • Is the sports betting boom going to harm young peoples’ sports fandom?

  • Why you can somewhat easily beat the books (except they won’t allow it)

  • Should sports books be forced to take the bets of winners?

  • Should sports gambling be made illegal again?

  • Contradictory signals on the NBA’s TV rights prospects

  • What do we think really happened with Shohei Ohtani?

  • The future is athletes getting in trouble like Ohtani did

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