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HoS: Frank Isola

HoS: Frank Isola

Soft media, CAA-Knicks, Draymond vs. Bonta and if Caitlin Clark can save the WNBA

What have I been doing with my life, waiting this long to have Frank Isola on? Frank’s a famously bold New York Knicks beat writer turned multi media star. You can find him on ESPN and Sirius radio, talking NBA and a range of other subjects. Frank comes from the era (and region) where media was confrontational. The overall modern lack of confrontation was just one subject we addressed in this podcast.

Topic docket:

  • Frank and the other Knicks beat writers seemed totally insane to me back in the day

  • Is Andre Iguodala an obvious Hall of Famer?

  • Andrew Wiggins is missing. Surrounding media gonna look into it?

  • Coaches should wear suits

  • CAA-Knicks: Is agency influence real?

  • Frank tortures me with 49ers Super Bowl second guessing

  • Draymond Green vs. Bonta Hill

  • Can Caitlin Clark save the WNBA?

  • How the lack of accepted criticism hurts the WNBA

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