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HoS: Colin Cowherd

HoS: Colin Cowherd

The Sports Talk Maestro has some takes on his industry

When Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports and the Volume podcasting network stopped by HoS, I wanted to pick his brain on industry subjects. As expected, he was a stupendously entertaining font of behind scenes takes.

As a TV sports talk king and a podcasting network founder, he sees the modern content economy from different perspectives all at once. So we get into that, plus a lot more, as we freestyle 90 minutes of loose talk. Enjoy.

This podcast includes but is not limited to discussion of the following topics…

  • Choosing storytelling over big names in sports talk

  • On talking politics in sports media and whether ESPN had too much of it

  • How Colin manages his podcast personalities

  • Why did Colin bet big on Nick Wright early on?

  • How does Colin balance Draymond Green being on his network with Draymond being an occasional sports talk subject?

  • Could Colin ever employ Aaron Rodgers as a podcaster given how frequently he’s critiqued the finicky quarterback?

  • Why can’t baseball be part of the sports conversation?

  • Are tight ends massively underpaid?

  • Tony Romo’s broadcast struggles

  • Does Colin really screen potential hires to make sure they aren’t golf nuts?

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