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HoS: Andrew Sharp on the Adam Silver Era

HoS: Andrew Sharp on the Adam Silver Era

The GOAT podcaster joins me for some NBA angst

Andrew Sharp is the co-host of three great and wholly different podcasts. He’s an NBA diehard, but also an Adam Silver Era skeptic, which makes him unusual among current podcasters. Obviously, I share something in common with such a perspective.

In this episode, we end up cathartically venting about the Silver era, discuss the in season tournament experiment that’s upon us and consider whether LeBron James is viewed positively by normies. Podcast topics include but aren’t limited to…

  • Is ESPN more uptight than FS1? (0:00)

  • Why is Andrew so negative on the NBA’s in season tournament? (10:00)

  • Why can’t the NBA be like England’s FA Cup? (16:00)

  • At what point is a sport’s brand diluted? Is the NBA risking it? (23:10)

  • Does a new tournament need a raison d'etre? (34:00)

  • Does the NBA’s new CBA hurt the ability for teams to feel familiar? (46:00)

  • The James Harden trade saga (53:50)

  • Why don’t Steve Ballmer and the Clippers get ripped by media? (58:50)

  • How the NBA should have handled its War on Flopping (109:30)

  • Does the normie love LeBron James? (119:00)

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