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HoS: Adam Mares on the Coach Prime Era
HoS: Adam Mares on the Coach Prime Era
The DNVR impresario mines the Deion Sanders gold rush

Adam Mares is the brilliant impresario behind the DNVR sports media empire, a local institution, rooted in a literal Denver bar, that he’s building out to new cities and ventures. While the Denver Nuggets have been central to Adam’s personal coverage and the rise of DNVR, the arrival of Deion Sanders as coach of Colorado has been entirely different sort of windfall. This episode is about how one captures the current Deion moment, Sanders’ brilliance as modern media strategist, and, as always, some gripes about the current NBA state. Topics include but aren’t limited to…

  • The idea behind creating a physical space for digital fans

  • The arrival of Coach Prime

  • The impact of Prime on the media landscape

  • Has Deion been good for college football?

  • How Deion Sanders is like Donald Trump

  • The sneaky success of Deion’s son as personal social media manager

  • Is Sanders’ success sustainable longterm?

  • Adam’s take on the internationalization of the NBA

  • The patriotic reason fro why Adam’s going to root against Team USA

  • Is nobody learning from Nikola Jokic?

  • How the NBA needs more leadership and fewer rules

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