Get Amin and Tom once a week and we’re cool.

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Radio Ethan at least once a year!

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Nov 8, 2021Liked by Ethan Strauss

So funny that you ask, Ethan. I was going to recommend a podcast that I discovered last Spring. I binge-listened to the entire podography in about a week. Since then the two yahoos who got me hooked on their podcast are averaging one podcast every nine months so there's that. Anyway, check it out: it's on Spotify and called "Syncing Up".

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I do sometimes wonder what would happen if we recorded one every week.

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Not gonna lie: my ears perked right up at 2:30, Episode 12.

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Red Scare

Fifth Column

Honestly (Bari Weiss)

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I see a lot of familiar titles here, which is not surprising given the Blocked and Reported connection. And recently the Fifth Column connection. I see a number of Conversations with Coleman mentions, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Bari Weiss, Weinsteins. Yet no Glenn Show? Glenn Loury and (usually) John McWhorter talking about race and culture, worth a listen. Also, the Quillette Podcast and Dishcast from Andrew Sullivan occupy some of the same thinking space.

In addition to Hardcore History and History of Rome (Duncan), both mentioned here, I love a lot of other excellent history podcasts:

Revolutions (Duncan)

The Fall of Rome (Patrick Wyman)

Tides of History (also Patrick Wyman; Europe after the Romans)

The Explorers Podcast (Matt Breen)

Real Dictators (brilliant narrator voice, excellent dictators)

The History of English (so good that I haven't listened enough, as I feel compelled to take notes).

The History of Vikings (arcane, fun to sample occasional episodes)

History Unplugged (all over the place but worth scanning for subjects of interest)

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I would like to see at least once a month that you interview authors of books that influenced you whether sports or not. The podcast format allows the ability to go deep on a book that previous formats did not. You will allow us to see the Strauss journey.

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Agreed. Bryan Curtis and Jon Krakauer in this format was excellent.

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Jason Whitlock would be an interesting guest. Seems to cover some of the same ground between sports and culture.

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There's definitely something to be said for being *too* prolific as well.

Most people have a shocking backlog to get through and I dropped ones from the rotation because I just fell so far behind. Lebatard a prime example

I wouldn't over-egg the golden goose's omelette by doing more than one a week.

Cowherd interview ruled.

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Bill Simmons podcast, Ryen Russilo podcast, 31 Thoughts (great listen, even if you know nothing about hockey), ESPN FC

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I listen to BS, Bill Burr, All In, Low Post, JRE, Maron, and Bad Friends; just to name a few.

House of Strauss drops are immediate "stop and listen" for me. I enjoy where you take conversations, even with guests I'm not particularly a fan of.

Your recent appearance on the Habershow was great. Free flowing discussion with no bullshit and a genuine rapport between the three of you. Good stuff.

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Blocked and Reported, Red Scare, Conversations with Tyler, Conversations with Coleman, Jack Slack, EconTalk, Joe Rogan, Fifth Column, Lex Fridman, The Good Fight, Rationally Speaking, Adam Carrolla, Bill Burr, SmartLess

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5th column (How I found HoS)

Your Mom's House


The Psychology Podcast

Jordan B Peterson Podcast

Aba and Preach (Youtube Only)

Flagrant 2

Lex Fridman

Kill Tony

Broken Record

Revisionist History

Dan Carlin Hardcore History

Dumpster Fire with Bridget Phetasy (You Tube only)

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The Realignment (Marshall Kosloff also hosts two others on Foreign Policy and more hardcore tech ideas), Red Scare, VS Media podcast (Stephen Miller @redsteeze has it on Patreon, media criticism podcasts are a dime a dozen, but he's the most incisive I've found by far), Odd Lots, Split Zone Duo and Cover 3 for college football (Steven Godfrey on SZD is one of the most blunt/transparent reporters I've found and so not only do you learn a lot about coaching searches and behind the scenes stuff, but you also just learn a lot about different school cultures which by proxy means you get regional insights about different places in the US)

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Cover 3 is my top CFB pod. Love Bud. He may be my 2nd favorite CFB head, after Godfrey. Unfortunately, I can't really stand Alex and Richard is no Bill.

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Tim Dillon show

Blocked and Reported

Red Scare

The Richard Lewis Show

Rogan but it depends on the guest

Voices of Wrestling Flagship

The Rewatchables

Hardcore History

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I thought the Cowherd interview was great. If you could get Simmons, Russillo, Cain, or Patrick in that format it would be great. Jeff Pearlman and authors like him would be great. Long form discussion is mad for podcasts.

Commentary, The Remnant, Econtalk, Fifth Column, Ricochet Podcast are good general political podcasts. Some lean right some are questioning everything.

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Very Bad Wizards, Blocked and Reported, Decoding The Gurus, Conversations with Tyler.

For hoops, I think The Dunkers Spot is the best thing going. Nekias and SJ have great chemistry, and analysis. Game Theory is good too. I can't do Nate Duncan anymore but Real GM Radio remains good. Lowe may be the corniest human alive.

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No one else will probably find this interesting but would love an episode on some of the “underground” or off the grid sports in the US (like cricket - there’s always this idea that twenty20 cricket can crack the American market) The stories, people and politics is pretty fascinating. Just think your curiosity would make it absorbing listening. But again you’ll probably get record low listeners!

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Great idea!

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and like others said, the more amin the better. we love amin

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the podcasts i listen to are nate's, zach lowe's, and occasionally fringe political stuff like subliminal jihad. but you are in a different boat than all of them sans lowe (and even he's a bit different because of the Insider/public divide of his work) because you also write and your pod is a direct extension of your writing presence, so you have to play by different rules. because of that, i'll give you the advice i would give to lowe because i think he fucks this up sometimes: keep it about the guest. your columns are about you, and obviously we want you to share your extemp opinions and have a real conversation etc, but steering it toward the guest talking as much as possible is preferable - while we like you, we get enough of you in the written form

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Lex Fridman’s Podcast, Ben Thompson’s Stratechery pods, BBC In Our Time, Conversations with Tyler, The Rest is History, EconTalk, NBA/NFL/soccer pods time permitting, Mindpump Fitness pod.

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Just my own podcast diet:

-Shutdown Fullcast

-Left, Right, and Center

-The Reason Roundtable

-The Rewatchables

-The Bill Simmons Podcast

-Revisionist History

-Hardcore History

-Lowe Post

-Rationally Speaking w/Julia Galef

-The Weeds

-Conversations with Tyler (Cowen)

-Red Scare

-Fifth Column

-Blocked and Reported

-Feminine Chaos

-The Argument

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How do you feel about the post-Yglesias The Weeds? I gave up maybe a little too quickly.

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it's definitely gotten worse. The new hosts don't have the same chemistry, there's about 100% unanimous agreement on everything, and there's a, uh, sizable dropoff in intelligence between Yglesias and German Lopez.

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Agree, unfortunately

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General interest pods I subscribe to (besides HoS of course):

Blocked & Reported

The Fifth Column

Conversations with Coleman

The Dishcast with Andrew Sullivan

The Energy Transition Show with Chris Nelder

Feminine Chaos (Kat Rosenfield & Phoebe Maltz Bovy)

Talking Politics (David Runciman / London Review of Books)

Most of these are either subscriber-only or I'm paying for the premium version.

Generally, I like podcasts of 2-4 people discussing something pretty freeform. Provided the audio quality is good, I really don't care much for fancy production or radio-style editing.

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I listen to so many podcasts. Most are in a niche of interest for me: Econ, surfing, etc.

90% would fall into 2 categories--

1) 2-3 good friends with great chemistry talking about a subject each week they know a lot about. Blocked and Reported is two charismatic people discussing internet bullshit, Fifth Column is 3 super well read dudes talking politics, the Watch with Chris and Andy talk TV, and basically every bball pod is 2 guys talking the week in NBA

2) An interesting, well prepared host brings on an expert and allows the expert to lay out their views/latest research. Sam Harris is like this, as is Lex Fridman, as is EconTalk.

The remaining pods are well produced pieces of Journalism: NPR Planet Money, your latest true crime sensation, etc.

Your pod has primarily been a version of the second kind to great results thus far. Some of your earlier pods were more experimental and produced, and those were great as well.

I think you just need to figure out if you want to add a weekly hang out/ discussion pod to your mix. The key, I think, is it needs to be people who are genuinely friends who just enjoy hanging out. I do a weekly NBA pod (the Super Hoopers). We have barely any listeners and I barely care about the NBA anymore, but I enjoy just sitting and talking with my friends once a week so I keep doing it.

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Some of the Ringer stuff (The Watch/ Big Picture/ Mismatch/ Occasionally pop back in with Simmons), The Athletic NBA Shows, No Dunks/Buffs, Lowe Post, Anything with Jason Concepcion, Habershow, Corridor Cast, All Fantasy Everything, Noble Blood, Pack Your Knives, Off-Menu & The Bodega Boys

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Bball favs: No Dunks, Dunk’d On Prime, Light Years, Warriors +/-, Lowe Post, Windhorst, Seerat Sohi & Chris Ryan

Other sports: The Tennis Podcast, The Freestyle Boys

Comedy: Judge John Hodgman, Stop Podcasting Yourself

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Sports: Lowe Post, Duncd On

News/Politics: Weeds, Marketplace, pod save America, ezra, decoder (list goes on)

Storytelling: revisionist history, reply all

Culture: switched on pop, no guitar is safe, broken record, I guess Strauss fits here?

I do a heavier amount of “what’s happening in the world” stuff. The amount of email i need to put up with for my job has made me dislike reading, so it’s become tough to keep up with news without it being in my earbuds.

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Cumtown, Chapo, Simmons, Pardon My Take(during football season) and HoS.

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I listen to an embarrassing amount of podcasts. At one point I was listening to TWO separate podcasts about A Song of Ice and Fire. That’s just unnecessary.

For my money, while there’s a lot of really great and fun stuff out there, there’s only one podcast that is really indispensable: The History of Rome, by Mike Duncan. It covers Roman history from Romulus through the fall of the last emperor of the western empire. It really takes advantage of the format, it’s broken down into 15 minute to half hour chunks, it’s plain English, it’s fascinating. Check it out.

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Are you familiar with Duncan's Revolutions podcast?

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For most compelling individual podcast episode of the last year, I nominate Jodan Peterson's Tyranny, Slavery and Columbia U with guest Yeonmi Park. A contender is Sam Harris's discussion with Jeff Hawkins about artificial intelligence (among other topics), in which Sam thinks we're doomed and Hawkins does not, (#255 — The Future of Intelligence, July 2021).

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Double Pivot (soccer analytics)

Missed Apex (F1)

Athletic Football Tactics podcast (née Zonal Marking)

Thinking Basketball

Hollinger and Duncan

Dunc’d On

Lowe Post

Russillo (especially if Trent Dilfer is on)

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Dunc'd On Prime, Hollinger and Duncan, RealGM Radio, Habershow, Lowe Post, Hoop Collective, and on occasion BS Report, The MisMatch. I will say I love all those guys and they are super smart, but would love to hear you on a podcast with others like the hosts of the aforementioned shows, but talk about stuff where there may be more disagreements. I don't mean Crossfire style, or even like the Mismatch (sometimes Chris Vernon is a little too surface level for me). Like, I don't want another debate on whether advanced stats are useful (of course they are in the proper context), but perhaps two people using advance stats to make award predictions and coming up with different conclusions. I love Danny and Nate as basketball thinkers, but they are so closely aligned sometimes in their thinking it's like they only disagree by a few degrees. Or since you aren't really in the weeds on day to day stuff bball games anymore and are more longform, go on a podcast like Dunc'd on and tell Nate why he's all wrong about the season needing to be shorter (my guess is you don't disagree, but that sort of topic).

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A lot of basketball. Nerdy stuff like Dunc'd On and Ben Taylor, but also more fun, but still smart stuff like Tom Haberstroh and the Athletic NBA podcast. HOS has always been an immediate listen, we get insights and thoughts that most won't or don't share, even if it isn't basketball related. Used to listen to a lot of Count The Dings, it's fun to hear people interact in a mostly normal way.

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Basketball- Habershow-NBA Show-Lowe Post-Windhorst-Hollinger Duncan-Crossover .. Non BBall- This week in Virology-Curbsiders-Cardio Nerds-Cor Consult Pharmacology-etc. Ross Tucker Podcast-GM Shuffle-selected KNBR podcasts-Pass it down and some others. Dropped all political

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Radical Personal Finance

What Bitcoin Did

Quoth the Raven

Lowe Post

Ryen Russilo


Infinite Loops

Old Man and the Three

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My favorites, in no particular order.


Hollinger and Duncan

Eat the Rich

Athletic Nerder She Wrote

Thinking Basketball


Jim Brockmire

Lowe Post


House of Strauss - eager to hear more topics with your new freedom

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Hoops: Windy’s Friday Hoop Collective (can’t do Spears/Shelburne), Duncan and Leroux/Hollinger, Hoops Adjacent with David Aldridge & Marcus Thompson, No Dunks, Rogue Bogues (at 4x speed whenever Bogut’s reading anything out loud) Lowe Post (guest dependent), World of Basketball with Fran Fraschilla, Locked on Bucks, HOS

Non Hoops: BBC’s History Extra, History Hit with Dan Snow, Hardcore History with Dan Carlin, American History Tellers, Irish History Podcast, In Our Time, The Forum, The Inquiry, The Documentary Pod, Cumtown, Woke Bros, The Daily (scold me Daddy!), Sarajevo Calling (RIP)

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a few of the ringer ones-Simmons when it’s nba, the watch; recode decode, Kara + Scott Galloway, some Christian ones (south side rabbi is good)

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Oh yeah Lowe post

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Non-basketball/US-sports division: The Bugle; In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg; The Guardian Football Weekly

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Love and Radio can set the standard for what can be done with audio

This American Life. It is the gold standard when it is done right. This week's episode with the guards from Gitmo meeting one of their prisoners was amazing.

I have been a regular listener of Simmons since he started! Although, he has slipped immensely and I am much more excited about Rogues Bogues. Russillo has good segments but never a food full show.

All the good 'interview' podcasts like JRE, Maron, Lex Friedman all depend on the guest to keep my interest. Getcha Rocks off with Mick Wall is fun as well. The Missing CryptoQueen is great for a long drive.

I am sure there are more, but I used to work in public radio and manage my own pod...so I am a bit picky

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Simmons, Lowe Post, Mismatch, Windhorst, occasionally Russillo, House of Strauss, Behind the Bima, Good Faith Effort

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What's the deal with Good Faith Effort?

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lol not a sports podcast but it's run by Ari Lamm whom I believe is also a fan of yours. Under the religious/spiritual label but it has a wide range of discussions with culture, society, tech, etc. with some guests such as Enes Kanter, David Brooks, and Van Lathan.

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All In Podcast

Highly recommend

In the Bubble with Andy Slavvit

Duncan and Hollinger is only one that I stop everything for to listen to as soon as a new one is uploaded.

True Hoop, Coach Thorpe is the best

The Habershow 👌🏻

I always learn a lot from The Lowe Post and Game Theory pods

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Dunc'd on

All the Presidents' Lawyers

Left Right and Center

Radio War Nerd


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Sam Harris Making Sense, Recode Media, Pivot, Sway, How I Built This, all of the top NBA pods, both of Ben Thompson’s pods, all of Conrad Thompson’s wrestling nostalgia pods (mainly the Bruce Pritchard one), Michael Lewis Against The Rules, Freakonomics, Business Wars, HoS!

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Nba: no dunks, duncd on, Lowe, bs, wind horst,jj redick and some team specicif ones (mavs and warriors).

Other: hardcore history, stuff you should know,conan, The bugle, Hello Internet, Unmade podcast, cinephobe, rewatchables

Some other stuff I'm forgetting

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Ryen Russillo (life advice)

Dunc'd On Prime

Hollinger & Duncan


Bill Simmons

Conversations With Tyler

Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

The Twenty Minute VC

Invest Like The Best

The Weeds


PocketNow Weekly

The Transfer Window

The Indicator


Lowe Post

JJ Redick

Duncan Robinson

Locked On Jazz

The Opportunity

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not a huge fan of some of these NBA pods but convos with Tyler is a great rec. not as interesting, but econtalk is good too.

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For sure. Have listened to Econtalk since 2006. But less of late, given the proliferation of so much good audio content.

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Between the lines: Das Haus von Strauss, Boston Billy, Ryen from the vineyard, and those damn nerds Nate and Danny.

Outside them: Blocked and reported, Jordan Peterson, Useful Idiots, Lex Friedman, Dark Horse, Conversations with Coleman, Check’s and Balances, HARDCORE history, New Discourses, plus randoms with a guest of note.

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Sports: HoS

General interest: Lex Fridman Podcast, Thinking Is Cool, Red Scare, Blocked and Reported

Politics: the Fifth Column, the Realignment, Counterbalance, the Reason Roundtable, Conversations with Coleman, Megyn Kelly Show, Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar, Anchoring Truths Podcast, Honestly with Bari Weiss

Comedy: Tim Dillon Show

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All-In, Lex Fridman, Tim Ferriss, Reasonable Doubt, Real Time, Rogue Bouges, Hang Up and Listen, Jason Whitlock, a16z, Adam Carolla, and some reactive sports podcasts sometimes.

I will have check out Red Scare and Blocked and Reported given the number of times they’ve been mentioned here.

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Was struck watching the ESPN broadcasts of the warriors game how much worse of a product the national team is putting out relative to the local team. I may be a sucker for Fitz and the party line, but it wasn’t even clear Mark Jackson was watching the game.

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The sports pods I listen to have already been mentioned by others here, so here are some non sports pods I like:

- The Common Descent podcast, in which two paleontologists talk about a particular animal, group of animals, how they evolved. They also have good episodes about mass extinctions.

- Opinionated History of Mathematics, the first season of this podcast will convince you that Galileo was an idiot.

- Freakonomics (also People I mostly admire)

I also just finished Dan Carlin's audio book "The End is always Near."

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