In addition to being an HoS fan and $ubscriber, I’ve been a consumer of Zach Lowe’s pod for over 5 years. I happened to listen to the episode where he discussed the renouncement, however temporary, of his award votes before listening to the Amin episode and wanted to log a couple of small points:

a) Not saying you did him totally wrong, but it was really more of an aside than you and Amin acknowledged. Even reading the quote, you don’t get the nuance of how it was thrown in. I think this matters particularly with regard to Amin’s response; it came as a footnote to, not the subject of, the conversation. It didn’t feel at all calculated in my opinion, and therefore even light and good natured ribbing from Amin should be tempered, considering.

b) Zach shouldn’t give up his vote. As a fan of his for the reasons you and Amin noted, I was pretty surprised to hear him say it. Like you, I find him to be an honest dude who puts in the work to properly recognize the correct players. He’s mentioned the pay-related entanglement before, and it appears to make him an even more fastidious considerer of all the stats, records, angles, and factors that should inform such votes. Frankly, other voters should aspire to mimic his rigor, not just rely on his work to parrot his vote. Those are the ones who should relinquish their votes!

Appreciate and enjoy your work!


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It's been obvious over the last few years that the other voters mostly just follow Zach.

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That’s a cool promo video! I never saw that before. That’s a way to introduce a book too 😯

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