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HoS: Wosny Lambre

HoS: Wosny Lambre

Joe Biden's polling, Trump in NYC, Bill Maher on The View, religion vs. modern culture

Wosny Lambre wears many hats and today we accidentally went heavy on politics. For that I apologize, given that sports > politics, but I did throughly enjoy the conversation (which even included some spirited arguing). The caveat is this is just two guys shooting from the hip on controversial matters. We are not experts. To quote Charles Barkley, “God’s the only expert.”

Topics include but aren’t limited to…

  • This bizarre Isaac Chotiner interview with Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg where the latter tries to flee midway through.

  • Why is Joe Biden struggling in the polls relative to the Democratic Party?

  • Why has a slice of the public forgiven Trump relative to 2022, when Dems performed above expectations?

  • Do people now overwhelmingly vote for cultural reasons over economic reasons?

  • Wos is fascinated by how Bill Maher is regarded on the left

  • Stan Van Gundy accuses Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker of “cloaking bigotry under religious beliefs.” I’ll admit that I discussed this part before knowing the full context of SVG’s religion-critical commentary.

  • Is religion on a textual level compatible with modern culture?

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