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HoS: Wosny Lambre
HoS: Wosny Lambre
Big Wos on if you should mix politics + sports, J-E-T-S, Obama

Our favorite guest is here (don’t tell the others), prompted by a certain Substacker’s contention that there’s negative demand for sports writers to engage in conventional political commentary. Wos is the ideal guy for this topic because he somehow does both sports and political talk while retaining the goodwill of most reasonable people. What’s his secret? Is there a secret?

This podcast includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • How Wos avoids the “sardine in the vending machine” issue

  • Is the problem talking politics when you’re in sports? Or is the problem that the sports talker adopts an annoyingly predictable politics?

  • The Trump-based litmus test for whether you’re too ideological

  • Can Wos become an NFL pundit?

  • Wos is fully in love with the New York Jets

  • Aaron Rodgers: Where’s the media at on this guy now?

  • The NFL’s comeback

  • Wos had takes on this controversial article about Obama’s past and present

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