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HoS: Wosny Lambre

HoS: Wosny Lambre

Will the paywall contain these takes??

I feel like Big Wos and I podded at the perfect time, given that Monday delivered a lot of sports media drama. Beyond all that, we went long on symbolism-as-politics, the Dame Lillard trade standoff, and, of course, The Bear.

  • This pod includes but is not limited to discussion of the following topics:

  • Dan LeBatard vs. Adrian Wojnarowski

  • Dan LeBatard vs. Stephen A. Smith

  • Is Woj wrong factually or just tonally?

  • We revisit Jemele Hill’s comments on what got her fired from ESPN

  • Political symbolism: What does it accomplish?

  • Wos has takes on the Heat vs. Blazers standoff over Damian Lillard

  • Is The Bear truly a great TV show? Is a backlash brewing?

  • Wos has become a great NBA analyst

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