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HoS: Tim Kawakami

HoS: Tim Kawakami

A lot of Niners and a little Warriors

Buyer beware, this might be the sports-iest HoS yet. Tim Kawakami, greatest Bay Area sports writer of the last two decades and my former boss, stops by to talk San Francisco 49ers. That’s right, I’m a football guy now, and I need TK to refine my takes. We also get into some Niners-Warriors parallels, Andre Iguodala’s new assessment of Jordan Poole, and where the San Francisco Chronicle erred in its Warriors coverage. Topics on this podcast include are not limited to…

  • Former Warriors GM Bob Myers is a Niners nut

  • What positions really matter in football?

  • Is Left Tackle or Pass Rusher more valuable?

  • The Brock Purdy Conversation: Why so continuously doubted?

  • What is Purdy good at? What is he not so good at?

  • What do we make of Purdy’s Thursday night football performance?

  • Andre Iguodala gave an interesting recent appraisal of Jordan Poole

  • Poole and TK had some friction

  • Why the San Francisco Chronicle messed up the Warriors’ rise

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