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HoS: The Striking Matt Klinman

HoS: The Striking Matt Klinman

Elon Musk throttle, Bill Maher strike break, "Has the Sexual Revolution Failed?"
Out of Workman

Great friend of pod and great friend in life Matt Klinman is back so we can compare notes on our respective industries getting throttled. Does this (currently striking) comedy writer and Internet prophet feel some “I told ya so” now that I’m going through something similar to his past experiences at Funny or Die? We get into that plus a lot more as the future of all entertainment and culture hangs in the balance. Topics in this podcast include but are not limited to…

  • I attended the “Has the Sexual Revolution Failed?” debate in Los Angeles. I give my debate scene recap.

  • How Matt discovered that Funny or Die and everyone else in comedy content was about to get destroyed by Mark Zuckerberg’s strategy

  • The divorce between Elon and Substack has consequences

  • Regis and Kelly narrating 9/11 live

  • Matt talks about the writers/actors strike and addresses my customers having reservations about his ilk

  • Outcome of Charter vs. Disney dispute

  • Is Bill Maher strike breaking?

  • Are there female degenerate sports gamblers?

  • The time Matt saved my life from a gang beating in Irvine, CA