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HoS: Spike Eskin

HoS: Spike Eskin

Doc Rivers vs. JJ Redick vs. ESPN vs. Blogboy Media

Spike Eskin of Rights to Ricky Sanchez is here because a few of his favorite characters are in the news. Frankly, there’s no better person to cover Doc Rivers vs. JJ Redick as it plays out in the media. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Does Spike hate JJ more than JJ hates basketball fans?


  • Spike on where Doc is lying

  • ESPN’s hilariously unbelievable reporting on Doc taking the Bucks job

  • Why did Redick get blasted for his correct take on Doc?

  • Redick’s bizarre meta media critique and “54K pageviews” humblebrag

  • Redick’s appeal as Twitter mirror

  • JJ’s postseason vulnerability

  • Why does Spike hate JJ?

  • How Tony Romo went from great to less great announcer

  • I failed my customers by doing too much football this season

  • What’s with writers fearing AI replacement?

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