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HoS: Saam Esfandiari + Andy Liu

HoS: Saam Esfandiari + Andy Liu

Light Years Boys on that big Warriors trade, betting on Ja or Zion plus a lot more

After years of relative stasis, the Warriors have just seen their longtime General Manager quit, and, on Thursday, completed a trade of that saw the ouster of Jordan Poole and the introduction of Chris Paul. We talk about this, talk draft and eventually start drifting away from the pure basketball discussion. This pod includes discussion of, but is not limited to:

  • How do you feel about dumping Jordan Poole for Chris Paul?

  • How does Chris Paul feel about it?

  • Are we going to rip Bob Myers on the way out, Boston media style?

  • The Warriors never really develop their draft picks. Their fault?

  • Are draft picks a shakier (less successful) proposition in this era?

  • What’s the take on Zion Williamson’s porn-tinged fall from grace?

  • Is Zion getting too much grief for the porn lady’s accusations?

  • Was Ja Morant’s suspension too light?

  • Who’d you rather trade for: Zion Williamson or Ja Morant?

  • All good draft analysts should be weirdos

  • We’re all obsessed with Dean on the Draft, who once wrote a paper on dating market inefficiencies

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