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HoS: Ryan Glasspiegel

HoS: Ryan Glasspiegel

Our nation's preeminent sports media critic talks NBA + Amazon

Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post is here, following an avalanche of NBA and ESPNbusiness news. In this episode, we attempt to separate real from rumor, possibility from wishcasting. I believe we succeeded in yet another informative and entertaining podcast.

Topics include but aren’t limited to…

Amazon with a Thursday NBA package? (2:00)

  • Is this an appealing option to anyone outside the NBA?

Is the NBA going to cash out and get the last helicopter out of Saigon? (7:00)

  • Talking about the sports TV business environment

  • Will Commenter JF be the Michael Burry of the NBA’s collapse?

What if ESPN just let NBA rights expire? (20:00)

  • Would ESPN save money overall if they let the NBA go?

Dave Portnoy vs. the New York Times (22:50)

  • Portnoy going on an offensive in anticipation of an NYT hit piece

  • NYT’s Israel reporting and Portnoy’s critiques

  • Portnoy’s “normal people political instincts”

  • Israel/Hamas in the journalistic and campus institutions vs. public opinion

Why is college football so hot right now? (43:00)

  • Why does CFB work better with NFL than CBB work with NBA?

  • Ethan has a Caleb Williams take

Travis Kelce’s world domination path (50:20)

  • How Travis Kelce is like chicken breast

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