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HoS: Razib Khan

HoS: Razib Khan

The genetics writer on sports genes and why Microsoft is killing Google

I’m not sure how to describe this free flowing conversation with geneticist and writer Razib Khan, which was to be expected since Zeeb’s one of the most brilliant/idiosyncratic people I’ve ever met. Naturally, this talk is all over the place after beginning with, and I’m not sure there’s another way to describe this, social media reaction to “Aella’s birthday gangbang”.

Topics discussed:

  • Razib knows the infamous Aella, who’s a rationalist data scientist between orgies.

  • Razib is friends with Aella, but is viscerally disgusted by her lifestyle.

  • Is human “disgust response” logical?

  • Is gene editing going to destroy sports?

  • Very tall people are rarer than it seems

  • Michael Jordan’s “mailman” theory on his own parentage

  • “Female sperm is heavier”

  • “The Sports Gene”

  • Why do men get autism and schizophrenia more frequently than women?

  • Ashkenazi really do have Middle East ancestry

  • Is the tech scene right wing? Left wing?

  • Why Microsoft is killing Google

  • An analysis of problems at Google

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