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HoS Pod: Wosny Lambre, Nate Jones
HoS Pod: Wosny Lambre, Nate Jones
On Sports Capitalism, Andrew Wiggins, NIL, and NCAA women's players exceeding the fame of men's players

We welcome back Big Wos and Nate Jones, two of my favorites in the NBA business/culture space. Today we discuss a range of hot button issues, including this forbidden zone that is the Andrew Wiggins situation.

  • Air fryers? A perfect life hack or a monstrosity?

  • Wos “Žižek” Lambre on why sports ceasing to care about fans is, indeed, capitalism

  • Wos with a take on the cringe/fake way LeBron becoming an owner would be advertised as representationism

  • Nate speaks on how the surrounding NBA organizational pressure is why players miss games that fans want them in

  • We get into the Andrew Wiggins situation with the Warriors. What expectations are fair and under what circumstances?

  • Are the NCAA women’s players more famous now than the men’s players?

  • Nate with a theory on how the NCAA women overtook the men

  • We get into how NIL changed the women’s game

  • Is the selling of sex appeal a problem for the NCAA? Or a benefit to those sports?

  • The “hoop dollar” vs. the “horny dollar”

  • Nate talks about what recruiting athletes for NIL is like.

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