I’m a random person with no TV experience, but I’d go on Fox as long as it’s not some inflammatory culture war topic where they’ll try to bait you. If the topic is sports, it will probably be just fine. Anyone who would hold it against you already unsubscribed due to you platforming Jesse Singal. 😉

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Ethan these last two podcast with Wos and this one have been very refreshing from someone about your age who has had a pension to understand the North East elite and be attracted to that gaze.

Also you have shined a light onto the left that no one else dare shines onto them. Which has been A. very illuminating and B. given me at least a new understanding and sense of freedom.

Long story short Great podcast as usual

The lesson learned is that these rules don't matter and they are all made up it allows you to find the laughter in the rules because the reality is that even the people who espouse the rules seem to not want the rules but always point to another group that the rules are for and the Democrats get to at the end of the day profess rule following as the end game and not you know actually helping people through fixing education or passing a voting rights bill.

The Sin of Trump to the North East media was that he espoused all the rules and faced no consequences for so long from espousing these rules. It seemed to cut straight against the ideology that the rules where everything that mattered. It is why so much outrage was about how he acted instead of what was actually happening and why Trump espouses so much more anger than George W. Bush.

Ill also add that having people on your show that have seemingly broken "The Rules" and are doing fine it is freeing because it shows that the rules just don't mean anything at all and how much is espoused about if you follow the rules it means you are a good person is just fake BS. It allows you to understand those around you and just relax.

I know I rambled hope this makes sense but good job keep it up

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I hate this whole topic. Not in that I don't want to hear/read about it, just that it feels so hopeless. It feels like the only way out is to have faith that the next generation of people will rebel against the way their parents sheltered themselves in their own political corners to avoid things they don't like.

If this were only a Gen Z problem, I'd be open to having that hope. But it feels like older folks hide in their corners to avoid arguments or discomfort. And they took that a step further to shelter their kids from ever being exposed to any of that dissenting information. I don't know how it could be made worse, but it feels like it's not out of the realm of possibility.

I'm not a public figure, but I have some sort of a public persona in a small sector of the world. I've had people threaten things that could impact my livelihood because of these idiotic issues. Without a real platform, it makes these things less common but also feels like there's less ability to combat the attacks when they do come.

Either way, I want to make an effort to try and break this trend of isolation of ideas and protecting ourselves from uncomfortable discussions at all costs. But I feel like you're in an impossible position if you do. The first attack comes from the left, who will call you a proud boy or whatever. Maybe the proud boys will adopt you, until you say something like how trans people are people and then you're cancelled over there as well. You're putting yourself on a whole different island of people. Bill Marr Island?

I don't expect you or anyone to have a solution to our tribalism problem. But I keep screaming into the clouds about it because it's so frustrating to think it's a problem that may persist for my entire lifetime.

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