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HoS Pod: Stupid Questions with Bogut and Pro

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HoS Pod: Stupid Questions with Bogut and Pro

Andrew Bogut and Mike Procopio get candid in marathon pod
This at this chipper clean cut fella

I wrote down a bunch of possibly dumb NBA work life for Rogue Bogues hosts Andrew Bogut and Mike Procopio. Topics discussed in this marathon pod include:

  • If all retired players are broken for life

  • Why doesn’t Pro try to get skinny despite being bullied on his weight by Bogues

  • If 7-footers are less likely to have that dog in them

  • What’s it like to be 7 feet tall?

  • Is it normal for NBA employees to cheat on their wives?

  • Why didn’t #MeToo hit the NBA?

  • How making too much money turns certain coaches into monsters

  • How performance therapist Chelsea Lane forced out her rival on the Warriors staff

  • Is professional sports fun?

  • How Bogut’s podcasted Kelly Oubre story momentarily pissed off Klay Thompson

  • Whether Bogut ever told a teammate he’s getting involved with the wrong kind of woman

  • How groupies scheme on players

  • Why Rick Carlisle is Pro’s nemesis

  • Why Chris Paul is Bogut’s nemesis (it all stars with a bag of chips)

  • Pro’s take on the movie Hustle.


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