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HoS Pod: Sports Media with Ryan Glasspiegel

HoS Pod: Sports Media with Ryan Glasspiegel

Talking NFL's half decade of gains + a Russian hockey player's non choice

Ryan is back, discussing events of the moment. The NFL playoffs is an unholy juggernaut, crushing all comers. We try out theories as to why it gained on the other leagues this past half decade. Then we pivot to “Canada’s top trending story,” a Russian defenseman, playing for an American team. This podcast discussion includes, but is not limited to:

  • The NFL’s golden decade, which has been largely unexplained in sports media

  • Are there any lessons to learn from its dominance?

  • What should the NBA have done?

  • Ryan loves the Joe Buck + Troy Aikman announcing combo?

  • Ivan Provorov, a Russian guy we’d never heard of, didn’t wear his NHL team’s Pride Night warmup shirt: Media anger ensues

  • Is the media freakout concentrated among Canadian journos, or are U.S. sports writers just as hyperbolic?

  • Ryan and I both aren’t in favor of punishing pregame abstentions like this, be it Colin Kaepernick, or this guy we just learned about

  • Why is the NHL, of all leagues, getting involved in controversies of late?

  • Bill Simmons had a fascinating interview with WWE CEO Nick Khan

  • Nick Khan has a theory on what ESPN might take from Turner in the next round of NBA television rights

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