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HoS Pod: Saam Esfandiari on Wiseman and Iran

HoS Pod: Saam Esfandiari on Wiseman and Iran

Our returning champ talks about a failed GSW experiment, World Cup culture takes

Certified Graying Millennial Saam Esfandiari returns to HoS, giving out takes for the holiday season. In this pod, our discussion includes but is not limited to…

  • Looks like Saam was right about his James Wiseman pessimism. Can a man, in good conscience, feel validated by a 21 year-old’s struggles?

  • The Wiseman Paradox: How can such a talented player, with good counting stats production, be so destructively bad?

  • Why NBA players might prefer to be called a “pussy” over “coward”

  • The Bay Area Media and propaganda: We know we’re softer than other regions, but are we also more inclined to buy happy lies?

  • Why did veteran SF Chronicle reporter Connor Letourneau take a (probable) shot at Saam and his co-host Andy Liu?

  • What’s grinding Saam’s gears in this World Cup about American coverage of Iran?

  • Our takes on how U.S. player Taylor Adams dealt with some hostile questioning. Our takes on the takes in response.

  • Is it permissible for an American to say “Eye-Ran” instead of “Ee-Rahn”?

  • Our unvarnished takes on the U.S. women’s soccer team getting half the USMNT prize money. How sexist are we? Or are we nuanced? Listen and find out.

  • Who runs the Bay: Gians, Niners or Warriors?

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