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HoS Pod: Saagar Enjeti

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HoS Pod: Saagar Enjeti

The Breaking Points co-host dives deep on the sports/politics nexus and more

Saagar Enjeti is co-host of the Breaking Points podcast, which boasts upwards of 800,000 Youtube Subscribers, to say nothing of its massive total podcast listenership. When he’s not doing that, Saagar’s interviewing fascinating people on his other (also co-hosted) podcast, The Realignment. So, given that he mostly operates in the political space, outside of sports, what’s the occasion for our conversation?

Saagar delivered a counterintuitive monologue about how the recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs. Wade might throw a wrench into the “Barstool Conservatism” movement. Given that I’m fascinated by the nexus of sports and political culture, I wanted to discuss his thesis, along with so many other things, including:

  • The secret to Breaking Points’ success

  • Which early hysterias shook our faith in media

  • How Tiger Woods’ cheating was one of the original Current Things

  • Whether everything is political, including Top Gun by not being political

  • The aforementioned Barstool Conservatism Waterloo take

  • Red Zoning

  • Saturdays Are For The Boys” as a slogan

  • Joe Rogan, of course

  • Is politics downstream of culture? Or is culture downstream of politics?

  • Are social incentives more powerful than financial incentives right now?

  • What’s the deal with ESG?

  • Thoughts on the party affiliation gender gap

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