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HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel was Wrong?!

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HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel was Wrong?!
We revisit some takes on Kyrie, Udoka + get into SBF and Midterms reax

Last time Ryan Glasspiegel of the New York Post was right about his recent takes. This time? Well, it’s trickier, for both of us. On this pod, we discuss:

  • Theories on why Ime Udoka didn’t get the Nets job, even though reporters said it was imminent

  • Was it the Kyrie controversy that did Udoka in? Is it fair for Stephen A. Smith to blame Kyrie?

  • SBF and FTX, initials related to the sports world losing a lot of money

  • Ryan ably explains the whole FTX fraud saga. We get into why it happened

  • What’s the sports industry fallout of this crypto crash?

  • Why did the Midterms surprise us?

  • What hurt Republican prospects more, the abortion issue or Donald Trump?

  • The conservative “Mainstream Problem”

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